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Buck A Bull Western Party Hire
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  1. What is the minimum Hire?
    3hrs is our minimum hire. However if you are located more then 4hrs away the minimum hire is 6hrs.  back to top

  2. What is the deposit required to secure my booking?
    Yes! We require a deposit for all Bookings and it is $200. If your travel is greater then the deposit the travel amount is your deposit. This will confirm your booking. Deposit varies for each product. The remaining amount is due on the day/night of your event however you can pay prior if easier for you.  back to top

  3. What age Group is the cow best for?
    The beauty about this Game is that all ages enjoy it.   back to top

  4. Does it come with a Attendant?
    Yes all Milking Cow Contests come with an attendant. The attendant will time the game and also hand out lollipops to each constestant. Our attendants also comentate and help the little children as well. Everyone loves this game.  back to top

  5. Is the milk real?
    No the Milk consist of white food Colouring and Water. So no need to worry about the milk soiling or being toxic to anyone.   back to top

  6. Can the Milking Cow be set up inside?
    Yes It can! If inside we put a tarp underneath the fake grass to protect your floor from getting wet.  back to top

  7. What Methods of Payment can I use?
    Direct Deposit, Bank Deposit & Cheque(Must be cleared before event), Mastercard or Visa Card ( however please note there is a 2% fee)  back to top

  8. What are the requirments to hire?
    The Milking cow contest measures 3m x 3m and height is 2m. there is no power required for this product. Water is required to fill up the udder however if this isnt an option let us know and we will make sure we bring some at no extra charge.  back to top

  9. Do we get a prize?
    Yes all Milking cow contests come with lollipops for all constestants. this way everyone wins.  back to top

  10. Can we have this product dropped off and unattended?
    Yes this is option! Contact us for more details.   back to top

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BUCK A BULL - Western Party Hire



Mobile : 041 430 6944

LOCATION: Cedar Grove Qld

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