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Buck A Bull Western Party Hire
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If you Cannot find your question here please dont hesitate to contact us via or contacts page.

  1. What Is The Minimum Hire Duration?
    3hrs Hire is our Minimum Hire for all days and all products. If you are located more than 5hrs away from us the minimum hire is 6hrs  back to top

  2. Can I Add Extra Hrs?
    Yes! You can purchase extra hours either beforehand or on the night. If the extra hours are purchased on the night/ day, it must be paid in cash and they are $80 each. This is available for all products  back to top

  3. Do I Need To Make A Deposit?
    Yes! We require a deposit for all Bookings are $200. If your travel is greater then the deposit the travel amount is your deposit. This will confirm your booking. Deposit varies for each product. The remaining amount is due on the day/night of your event however you can pay prior if easier for you.  back to top

  4. Is Setup and Pack Up Included?
    Yes! Your opperator will arrive approximatley 30min - 1hr before your hire time starts, to set up. The pack up will commence after your hire time finishes. So you get complete ride time. There is no extra charge for set up and Pack Up.  back to top

  5. What Methods Of Payment Can I Use?
    Direct Deposit, Bank Deposit, Cheque(Must be cleared before event), Mastercard or Visa Card (credit card does have a 2% fee)  back to top

  6. What Happens If It Rains On The Day Of My Event?
    If in unfortunate circumstances it happens to rain on your date, the hayshed knockout is able to operate in the rain so there is no drama there. However your guests might get a little wet so we can tie a tarp up on 7m x 9m if you have some tie points to tie to.  back to top

  7. What Happens If My Event Is Canceled?
    BUCK A BULL DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY REFUNDS If your event is unfortunatley cancelled. If cancelled 72hr or more in advance: We can give you a credit voucher for all monies paid to use another time. The Credit vouchers have a 3 month expiry on them and can be used on any date. If Cancelled under 72hrs or less in advance: You will Forfeit your deposit and all other monies will be put into a credit voucher.  back to top

  8. How does the Hillbilly Shootout Work?
    The Hillbilly Shootout is a Inflatable portable Shooting gallery which uses a reserve vacumm technology to power the ball cannons. The aim of the game is to shoot all your Hillbillys teeth out before your competitor does and the quickest time can be recorded on the scoreboards if you wish. The attendant will then reload the teeth and the game starts again.  back to top

  9. Can it be unattended and a drop off hire?
    No. Unfortunatley this product can only be hired with our attendants.  back to top

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BUCK A BULL - Western Party Hire



Mobile : 041 430 6944

LOCATION: Cedar Grove Qld

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