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Buck A Bull Western Party Hire
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If you Cannot find your question here please dont hesitate to contact us via or contacts page.

  1. What is the minimum hire duration?
    3 Hours Hire is our Minimum Hire for all our products. Unless you are located more then 4 hrs away from us (Beaudesert) then the minimum hire is 6hrs.  back to top

  2. Do I need to secure my Castle Booking with a deposit?
    Yes! We require a deposit for all Bookings and it is $200. If your travel is greater then the deposit the travel amount is your deposit. This will confirm your booking. Deposit varies for each product. The remaining amount is due on the day/night of your event however you can pay prior if easier for you.  back to top

  3. What is the age restrictions?
    All our castles are different: *Buck a Bull Saloon Castle n Slide - under 10years *Barnyard Bounce - teens and kids *Bull Rush and Old West Saloon - All ages *Big Rig - under 16years *Saddle Up - 12years and under *Kaboom - 12years and under *Outback Outlaw - 12years and under *Rainbow Country - 12years and under  back to top

  4. What is the Maximum people on the inflatable?
    All our Castle are different: *Buck a Bull Saloon Castle n Slide - max 10 kids at one time. *Barnyard Bounce - max 15 kids at one time *Bull Rush and Old West Saloon - max 18 Adults at one time *Big Rig - max 12 kids at one time *Saddle Up - max 12 kids at one time *Kaboom - max 12 kids at one time *Outback Outlaw - max 12 kids at one time *Rainbow Country - max 12 kids at one time  back to top

  5. Is your castle Australian Standards?
    Our castles has been made custom to suit the Australian Standards. We also perform regular Safety Checks and Safety Inspector checks annually.   back to top

  6. Do you Have Public Liability?
    Yes all our products have 20 mil Public Liability. A copy is available should you require one for your records. Please just send us an email requesting one and we will send you it back.   back to top

  7. What Methods of Payment can I use?
    Direct Deposit, Bank Deposit & Cheque(Must be cleared before event), Mastercard or Visa Card. Cash on the night ( deposit must be paid upfront first)  back to top

  8. What happens if it rains on the day of my event?
    The Castle are able to get wet so rain doesn't bother the product as it has most have an enclosed roof except the buck a bull saloon castle n slide. However, unexpected severe storms will cause the product to be deflated. No Refunds or extra time will be reimbursed for this scenario. If on the day there are unexpected flooded roads that both Parties were unaware of, your deposit will be forfeited but all other monies paid will be credited. During an event In case of Rain and or lightning and or wind over 25kmph, ALL are to exit in a safe manner. Also in case of accidental power outages to the products, ALSO have ALL persons exit the inflatables in a safe manner should a sudden change in WEATHER OR CHANGE IN WIND SPEED OCCUR  back to top

  9. What happens if my event is cancelled?
    : If you need to cancel your event for any reason we will give you a give out credit /gift vouchers to postpone your date. To obtain a credit voucher you must give us at least 7 days' notice, if you cancel your booking within these 7 days, your deposit will be forfeited. The vouchers will have an expiry date and must be used before this date. If you cancel your booking less than 24hrs notice the full amount of your booking will be payable. If we arrive to your location and the requirements we need as stated below are not met, the full amount of your booking will be forfeited.  back to top

  10. What are the requirments to hire?
    All requirements for each product are on each individual page on our website.  back to top

  11. Can I hire the castles in a package?
    Absolutely please see our package page of our website for more details.   back to top

  12. Do you peg the castles down!
    Absolutely! We can only set up on grass as this is the safest way to hold a castle down.  back to top

  13. What are the conditions of Drop off Hire?
    Drop off hire conditions are simple. The equipment must be kept in the same condition it was delivered. Light cleaning is expectable however charges apply for heavy cling and damages. The host is completely 100% responsible for the equipment. Our staff only can set up and pack up equipment. A DYI Pick up option is not available.  back to top

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BUCK A BULL - Western Party Hire



Mobile : 041 430 6944

LOCATION: Cedar Grove Qld

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