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Buck A Bull Western Party Hire
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If you Cannot find your question here please dont hesitate to contact us via or contacts page.

  1. What Is The Minimum Hire Duration?
    3hrs Hire is our Minimum Hire for all days and all products. If you are located more than 4hrs away from us (Beaudesert) the minimum hire is 6hrs.  back to top

  2. Can I Add Extra Hrs?
    Yes! You can purchase extra hours either beforehand or on the night. If the extra hours are purchased on the night/ day, it must be paid in cash and they are $100 each ($110 for the disco bull). This is available for all products.  back to top

  3. Do I Need To Make A Deposit?
    Yes! We require a deposit for all Mechanical Bulls Bookings are $200. If your travel is greater then the deposit the travel amount is your deposit. This will confirm your booking. Deposit varies for each product. The remaining amount is due on the day/night of your event however you can pay prior if easier for you.  back to top

  4. Is Setup and Pack Up Included?
    Yes! Your opperator will arrive approximatley 30min - 1hr before your hire time starts, to set up. The pack up will commence after your hire time finishes. So you get complete ride time. There is no extra charge for set up and Pack Up.  back to top

  5. What Methods Of Payment Can I Use?
    Direct Deposit, Bank Deposit, Cheque(Must be cleared before event), Mastercard or Visa Card (credit card does have a 2% fee)  back to top

  6. What Happens If It Rains On The Day Of My Event?
    As our machine is electrical obviously we cannot operate in the rain. If you think Rain may be an issue at your event you can: Option 1: Set up a tarp of 7m x7m with a height in the centre of 3m or hire a marquee of 7m x 7m with no poles in the centre and a height of 3m in the centre. Option 2: Prior to your booking by at least 8hours you can change your venue to ensure the product is undercover. Please note extra travel fees may apply if further away. In the event of rain forming throughout the event, where the product is not already undercover, a tarp will be thrown over the Equipment until the rain has passed, no extra time will be provided to the hire for loss of time due to unexpected rain, if the rain persists and does not seem to be ending the booking will end, no refunds or credit vouchers will be available for this. So we do advise to keep an eye on the weather prior to your event to avoid disappointment.   back to top

  7. What Happens If My Event Is Canceled?
    BUCK A BULL DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY REFUNDS If your event is unfortunatley cancelled. If you need to cancel your event for any reason we will give you a give out credit /gift vouchers to postpone your date. To obtain a credit voucher you must give us at least 7 days notice, if you cancel your booking within these 7 days your deposit will be forfeited. Any other moneys paid will be credited back in a voucher form. If you cancel your event less than 24hrs notice the full amount is due.   back to top

  8. Can We Do Competitions with the bulls?
    Yes of course. The control console has a large LED display clock which tells each rider his or her time lasted on each ride. It also will flash the best time of the night/ day. The automatic settings are great for this option as every ride is fair. Also if you ask nicely the operator may even comentate. :)  back to top

  9. Is There A Height Restriction on the Bulls?
    Yes! Unfortunatley new laws are forcing us to only allow people over 120cm tall to ride the bull. However if the younger kids under 120m tall would like to sit on the bull for a photo or just for thrilled this is allowed unfortunatley though we cannot move the ride at all due to safety reasons.  back to top

  10. Is There A Weight Restriction on the Bulls?
    Yes! 150kg is our weight restriction for rides. However if there is a person or persons that are over this restriction we allow them to sit on for photos. A Good example of this is people who want doubles but are over the weight restriction they can still have a photo but unfortunatley no ride.  back to top

  11. Can We double on the bull?
    No. Unfortunatley we cannot allow doubles on the bull as this is unsafe and also more than likely over the weight limit. If you double there is the risk of head butting or falling on each other. THIS IS A DEFFINATE NO!  back to top

  12. What Are The Requirments To Hire?
    BULL:We need a 6m x 6m flat, cleared, clean area, (if the ground is on a slope or uneven ground it can make the ride unstable). Also 2 x 240volt power points. If you would like to have us set up indoors or undercover, pleae ensure there is 3m roof height.Another requirment is acess as all our stuff is rolled in with a trolley we cannot go through areas with steps and we need at least a 1m doorway width to get through.  back to top

  13. How Do I Book ?
    1. Click on Bookings in our menu at the top of our website and fill out your event details in the short form and we will send you back a quote and a booking form 2. Or call us today on 0414306944.  back to top

  14. Can I get a discount if I hire more then one product?
    Yes. We have numerous packages that are discounted and are great value. Check out our packages page for more information.  back to top

  15. Can I hire without an attendant
    NO. Due to insurance reasons unfortunately no. All mechanical Bull hires in Australia to be covered by insurance must have an experienced operator. If you find a company that hires out a Mechanical Bull without an attendant....RUN AWAY REAL FAST THEY'RE ASKING FOR TROUBLE!  back to top

  16. What's the rules on alcohol consumption and riding the bull?
    Our insurance States that if you are noticeably under the influence we cannot allow you to ride the bull. This means if you are stumbling and are unable to mount the bull without assistance you are labeled as dangerously intoxicated and we would have to refuse this person until sobered up.   back to top

  17. Can a generator be used if power is unavailable?
    Absolutely. A generator of 5kva or more is is capable of running the mechanical Bull. We have generators for hire at $120 per 3hrs.   back to top

  18. Are your Bulls Safe?
    They are actually labeled the SAFEST BRAND OF MECHANICAL BULLS IN THE WORLD. Galaxy is the brand of our bull and they are manufactured in America. With the 5.5m inflatable corral you can ensure a soft landing every time. It also has a soft foam safety head and horns, real cow hide and a safe rope handle that is easy to release when bucked off. Please note there are many different Bulls out there which may include Gym mats ( this is extremely scary as it would not be a soft landing at all) fibreglass heads and horns, (great for those who don't want their teeth... Ouch!!!!) worn hides are not very nice looking as well as not very soft for those legs when trying to hold on. Along with these safety features our Bulls have engineer checks performed every 12months, design and plant registration, electrical checks every 3-6months and inflatable repairs done with a sewing machine instead of glue patches.   back to top

  19. Is your equipment cleaned?
    Absolutely!!!! This is an absolute must for all products at buck a bull to be disinfected after every use with hospital grade disinfectant and vacuumed as well, NO GRUBBY EQUIPMENT HERE.....QUALITY GUARENTEED!  back to top

  20. Do we have insurance?
    ABSOLUTLEY!!!! This is a very important question one that everyone should ask. We are fully insured for all our products with $20mil public liability.   back to top

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